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Cast Resin
Conventional Current & Voltage
Dry Type
Non-conventional Current & VoltageĀ 

Naturally Air-cooled (AN) dry type eco-design regulation EU 548/2014, EN 50588-1 Tier 1 & Tier 2 complaint up to 630kVA at 20kV. Available with or without IP21 to IP54 enclosures.

Special application 6-12-18-24kV Cast Resin Pulse Converter Transformers to guarantee a significant reduction in harmonic distortion in power generation. Available without or with enclosure ranging from IP21 up to IP54.

Manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC 60076-11 and meets:
– Climatic Class – C2
– Environmental Class – E2
– Fire Class – F1

With increasing awareness of environmental protection and the increasingly stringent noise protection directives we have a range of LOW NOISE transformers with additional enhancements:
– Low magnetic induction
– Lower operating temperature
– Longer life
– Better overvoltage capability

Customised resin encapsulated auxiliary transformers ideal for power distribution on small networks such as office blocks, hotels, shopping malls in addition to industrial facilities.

Developed specifically for photovoltaic applications, electrostatic screens have been introduced connected to earth and placed between primary & secondary windings to prevent capacitive coupling of the windings.

Medium-sized liquid-immersed power transformers, with power ratings from 10kVA to 3150kVA and insulation levels from 1.1kV to 36kV.

As part of our Distribution Transformer range, you have the option to integrate the “i-Trafo” tap changer to compensate for fluctuations in the voltage supply allowing unregulated distribution transformers to be regulated distribution transformers, benefitting utilities, industrial customers & wind or solar plant operators.

Designed and manufactured for each specific customer application. Protection & Measurement classes, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation with air, compound material or transformer oil as the insulation medium within metal enclosures up to 36kV.

An optional range of LV outdoor resin encapsulated current transformers with round, square or rectangular windows giving maximum flexibility for installation.

We have a wide range of LV, MV & HV Non-Conventional Transformers (Sensors) that are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Capable of monitoring electrical, mechanical and temperature characteristics.

Using Distributed Electromechanical Sensing (DES) our passive sensor arrays require no power or data networks and provide live data more reliably and securely from more locations.

This wide area, multipoint technology is ideal for automated condition monitoring, reduced scheduled maintenance, improved asset management decisions and simplified protection schemes.

Single voltage (SV) & dual voltage (DV) 1 Phase control transformer designed to IEC61558-1. Class E insulation, complete with high specification IP20 touch-proof terminals.

Multi-Voltage and Wide Input single-phase control transformer with class E insulation up to 3kV; class F insulation from 4kV to 10kV.

A comprehensive range of Dry Open or Enclosed three-phase transformers design to individual customer requirements. From 70kVA to 150kVA with class F materials as standard. Option of Class H materials from 85kVA to 180kVA.

All transformers are air-cooled and are fully impregnated with a varnish system up to 1.1kV, with larger models available upon request.